Specialist Scanning 

Jack Simons Ltd provides high quality services in records management and enhancement. Use of sophisticated software continually developed in-house to help safeguard, improve and disseminate literary and graphic materials – particularly bound books. 
Our technology infrastructure allows us to scan even delicate books (or other bound documents such as parish records, historical journals, technical manuals and academic work) without damage. Powerful software corrects the image to allow for the page curvature providing results that can be used for on-demand printing. Other software ensures the best quality possible for reprint – often better than the original. 
Key to the success of Jack Simons Ltd’ services is the ability to produce highest quality digital files at lowest practical data sizes. This enables images to be seen at their best in media where low filesize means optimum speed of activity, such as the internet and ebooks. 
Highly competitive rates for bound book scanning depend on the materials presented for scanning – prices on application 
Our bound book scanning services include: 
High attention to detail and quality control 
Scanning at true 600 dpi (higher in some cases) 
Use of specialist equipment 
Ability to scan up to A2 
Data and object security 
Development of specialist approaches where needed 
Special options include: 
Page turning technology for website and ebook effects. 
Page clean up of difficult-to-read items through proprietary digital restoration 
Non-destruct, non-invasive back-off scanning 
The resulting outputs can be delivered in any format, but for long term storage we recommend (ISO compliant) lossless PDF/A because of its file size & future accessibility advantages over TIFF. 
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