Your data storage options 

It’s up to you how you would like your documents returned.  
We have a range of different options depending on the size of your project,  
or often more importantly, the security you require. 
To give you an idea, take a look at the following: 
Encrypted USB – Our password protected, encrypted USB’s are a great option if you want that extra level of assurance, or if the documents we have processed for you are of a more sensitive nature. They come in a range of sizes from 2GB up to 32GB. For example, take an 8GB USB and that will hold around 200,000 documents that would usually require 100 archive boxes or 20 filing cabinets. 
Encrypted hard drives – Our password protected, encrypted hard drives offer the same high level of security as our USB range. These can be offered at 250GB and 500GB. A 250GB hard drive would hold around 6 million documents that would usually require 3000 archive boxes. You can start to imagine the difference between filing cabinets and storage units, and USB’s and hard drives. 
Cabinet Online File Management System – Cabinet is an Online File Management system that enables businesses to upload, store, share and send important and confidential client files in an instant. Cabinet makes it simple and affordable to store, and search all documents and files. After uploading your files, Cabinet allows you to securely file, search and retrieve the information online and share it with virtually anyone in your business chain. 
CD – A CD holds around 30,000 sheets of paper, which is what you may currently store in 15 archive boxes or 3 filing cabinets. 
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